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Here at IPCA Global Institute, we provide our clients with high-quality training, consultancy and specialist events. We have a team of highly skilled professionals with a varied and complementary set of professional qualifications, research capacity and experience.

Online Course

Each module is for one hour, the final 10 minutes comprises questions on module content.

The modules will be designed with voice-over, you can therefore choose slides only or slides with voice-over.

Two Month Course

Course Completion: At a time that suits you

Graduation: Upon course completion you will be contacted regarding graduation (event virtual / in-person (optional), or both TBC, COVID-19 / travel restrictions dependent.

Professional Certificate

You will hold an independently certified Professional Certificate from IPCA Global which has affiliations with many academic institutions, professional and industry organisations.

IPCA Course Overview

Course Description

This course is specifically designed to benefit those involved in the delivery of infrastructure and urban development in proximity to local populations. It will equip you with the best practice techniques to help you build not only financially successful projects, but also environmentally and socially responsible projects. The course is compiled of seven online modules, each module takes approx one-hour to complete, plus the recommended reading and an end of module quiz.

Course Objectives

  • The primary objective of this course is to provide you with the knowledge and expertise to successfully engage with local communities.
  • Upon completion of the course, members will be awarded 15 CPD point which they can count towards their annual CPD requirements.

Assessment Criteria

You will need to achieve a result of 80% or more in the end of module quiz to progress on to the next module. 

About Garry

Dr. Garry Keegan is the founder and CEO of IPCA Global. He a leading community impact and conflict intervention expert in the area of infrastructure and urban development. He leads a team of associates dedicated to negotiating and managing solutions with external stakeholders, in particular local communities located in close proximity to new single and multi-site facilities.

He has a PhD from the National University of Ireland Galway on Public Attitudes to Siting High Voltage Overhead Transmission Lines and the Role of Host Community Benefit Schemes. Garry holds Masters Degrees in Marketing (MBS) from University College Dublin and in Mediation (MA) from Maynooth University Dublin.